Reasons Why SEO Plays a Key Role in Digital Marketing


The day and age we live in require unique and modern solutions to our business models. Industries are trying to outrank each other every minute and leaving no stone unturned to scale their business. And one way to lay waste to the competitors is deploying optimal SEO practices. Only a person living under the rock might not know what SEO is. The domain has penetrated every sector, especially the ones that need to market their online presence. Businesses must go digital in this world (and now more than ever due to the pandemic) in order to survive. And in this dog-eat-dog world, SEO serves as that one tool that serves as the ultimate choice is that of SEO. If you are still hung up on the traditional methods of marketing, this article might be just the right one for you.

SEO Drives Organic Traffic to Your Page:

The main purpose of digital marketing is to build your online presence and increase your visibility so that you can reach out to more people. SEO or Search Engine Optimization uses methods to get your page the right visibility on the SERPs. This visibility drives more organic traffic to your page, and as a result, you get to enhance and boost your conversions.

Organic Traffic

SEO Builds the Authenticity and Authority of Your Site:

SEO involves practices like link building and site optimization that helps in building the authority and authenticity of your site. It helps you to acquire a number of good quality links, and that in turn builds your site authority. People start trusting your site and other reputed sites also show faith in your site. This works well with Google’s metrics, and as a result, you can see an improvement in the ranking of your site.

SEO Increases the Awareness of Your Brand:

All the points that we mentioned in the article add up to another very crucial role that it plays. The role that we are talking about is that of brand awareness. All the visibility that the site receives due to the techniques of SEO can be used by the businesses to raise awareness about their brand as well as other pressing issues. Search Engine Optimization, in a nutshell, offers a sort of exposure that cannot be obtained from any other tool. And that is why it is such an important part of digital marketing.


Finally, SEO Helps You Understand the Loopholes of Your Page:

SEO helps you to audit your page and understand where it is that you lack. You can then fill in these spaces, optimize your page and tweak the quality of the site. This technique can then be used to run competition analysis and outrank your competitors from the SERPs.

SEO is an extremely important part of digital marketing, and modern businesses cannot survive without using this tool.